The Beauty, Challenge and Importance of the Human Experience

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This article is a transcription of a Lincoln Gergar channeling session.



Hello everyone, this is Lincoln in the channel for higher self. Welcome to the satsang with the self video series. In today's satsang video, I will ask the higher self to bring through a message that answers the question of why this human experience is unique and special. I hope that this video helps you better appreciate and understand your own human lifetime.

Channeling session

Part 1

Dear ones, look around you, look within. You dear ones are multidimensional beings, beings existing for eternity within the state of consciousness. Understand dear ones that there are many realms of experience. Many dimensions in which you enter yourself into to give yourself an experience of that locality. But dear one, the human experience remains unique. For in this human realm, you have a more advanced more evolved experience occurring within your consciousness.

You dear ones have the manifestation of the mental body, a manifestation of the emotional body, a manifestation of the physical body.

It is only when a being chooses to incarnate into one of these physical realms that they are able to experience the next level of manifestation occurring within them. You call, dear ones, the physical level of manifestation undesirable. It is not, dear one, because of what the physical manifestation is but instead, it is because of the way that you are experiencing it.

In reality, dear one, all of manifest life bursts forth from the source, but first we have the experience of simply consciousness, pure consciousness, pure awareness being that which you are for eternity. There is no object in that consciousness for your full experience of yourself is simply the consciousness aloneĀ­. This, dear ones, is the creative fabric, the creative foundation of all of life. It is where the potential for creative energy exists before it births into the experience of manifestation.

You, dear ones, are this creating consciousness itself. And within this consciousness, within that which is unknowable, but that which you are, bursts forth the desire for experience itself. And this, this causes the first movement within this consciousness. This causes the first vibration, the first expression within the being that is you. As such, this being bursts forth from itself that of mind, of knowing, of recognition. It is, dear ones, the experience of understanding, understanding that I exist.

It begins, dear ones, simply with the reflection upon one's self of being. Simply the understanding that I am. For in the state of consciousness alone, there is nothing to reflect upon. There is only the experience of being. And yet as we step out into manifestation, as we take the first step out into creation itself, we realize that I am, that I exist. This, dear ones, can be called the first thought. This, dear ones, can be called the first word. It is the recognition that I am.

Then dear ones, once the recognition is made that I am, the question becomes: "what am I", "what is possible", "what is this experience". And so being that we are unlimited creative energy, we express from this first recognition of our self, our creation. We start to see experience manifest before our very being, within our very being all that we are.

From this, dear ones, comes the creation of light, of sound, of vibration. And as this vibratory experience, continues to issue out before us, from within us by us, within the consciousness that we are and from the consciousness that we are. We create degrees of manifest experiences. For at first, in the realm of mind, in the causal dimension of forms and experiences, you find only sea, a sea of energy, of blissful energy and sound that changes color texture, that changes sound. You see, dear ones, this is the realm of creation before space exists to individuate the forms and isolation.

This, dear one, is like a sea of liquid light, of blissful liquid light that changes in feeling, emotional based feelings, but not the common emotions of hate and anger, not the common emotions of happiness and sadness, but instead the different and various feelings of being, and they are very strong feelings of being. Powerful and pure emotional energetic experiences occurring within all of life for there is no space to separate them, but there is space to contain it. And so dear one, this is the realm of one form that is always connected and always in a state of fluidity.

It is, dear one, the manifestation within your expression of the different states of being. It is the field of your mind. And then, dear one, the creation issues forth one step further. A step in which space, in which the appearance of that which is not begins to separate that which is, and so we find isolated forms, isolated geometries, isolated shapes, isolated thoughts, isolated vibrations beginning to occur in manifestation. We find the on-again, off-again rhythm of life. The pulsing in and the pulsing out. The space and the form.

This experience, dear ones, has been called the astral state. For in this experience, we find ourselves as beings of light, of pure vibration that has sound, that has feeling, that has appearance. And so, dear ones, we mold and shape ourselves as individuated experiences within consciousness in this realm, for we take on experience of perceiving ourselves as separate and yet we are able to merge, we are able to come together, to feel each others more fully, whether there exist distance or no distance between our isolated forms. We are able to expand our consciousness not at all limited by the form that we take. We are able to encompass great regions occurring within space. We are able to reduce ourselves to a tiny fraction of our being for we find that consciousness is not fixed to any form itself, but rather the forms in this dimension change themselves to fit our own desire of creation.

Part 2

And so dear one, you are more free to create as an individual being within this realm, and every thought you have in the instant moment, in this present moment changes the experience that you are having. It is as thought, dear one, there is no anger, there is no grounding place for your experience. Understand, dear ones, that your dreams have similar qualities to this astral plane, to this emotionally driven field of energy. This emotional dimension within your own very being. Understand, dear ones, that your dreams are very subjective reality. And what you focus on becomes solidified in your experience. And when you remove your attention, the forms begin to change. Objects within your dreaming state may disappear. Beings occurring within your dreams may disappear and new beings may appear. Scenes, entire environments may mold before your very experience as your attention shifts, as your inner intentions, as your desires shift, as your mind shifts, for your mind is the controlling force within all of your experience. It is simply, dear one, that the mind becomes more firmly attached and driven by the creation of emotion within this astral realm, but it is always the mind. The mind that is the primary cause, the primary factor in your experience.

And so, dear ones, from this realm of liquid, of very flexible reality, we enter into a state and experience in which there is a great consciousness existing outside of our own individualized consciousness that is holding our experience in place. You see, dear ones, this material realm, this material experience is being held in place by a greater consciousness than your own individualized experience of your self, and yet you are at all times one with it. You are one with this greater consciousness that is holding matter in your imagination, in your experience, in your dreamlike state of being, of eternal being.

And so, dear one, in this material realm, we gather up new senses, new experiences of vibrations that are unique to this plane, for we have the experience of taste, we have the experience of smell. We have these unique experiences that only come about because of the dimension of Earth itself. Because of the material quality for inherent in matter is that of taste and that of smell and these textures cannot be found in higher states, in astral states and causal states, for instead there is no bodily organ that isolates taste, for the experience of taking something into ourself in these more non-physical dimensions is that of feeling, for taste is an isolated experience occurring within our being. Yes, that which we eat does in fact change our vibratory structure, but we have a taste, we have distinct taste and flavor, very subtle textures that we are able to feel in isolated areas of our perception, so this, dear one, is a unique experience, likewise, the sense of smell is an isolated experience of merging, of coming together, of energetic communion, and so, dear ones, all of your senses are sacred for it is how you interact with God, with creation, with your own very being, and that which has issued forth from the cosmic eternal being that is you.

And so dear ones, in this realm of Earth, in this three-dimensional realm of Earth, you need not work to keep your attention upon your physical form as you would within a non-physical realm in order to keep yourself in experience. Understand this: You can move your attention about the environment. You can completely forget yourself in an activity, in your thoughts, in your meditation and your body will still remain. Whereas in the non-physical, when you move your attention from this present moment experience, your world is changed and you are removed from your previous experience.

And so, dear ones, understand that there is a greater consciousness simply holding this experience for you and as you choose to change this experience, so will the experience change. There are many teachings, dear ones, existing within this world, teaching that we ourselves do not feel are accurate. There are teachings that tell you there is some greater force that is the oppressor. It is a greater cosmic being than yourself. Some have called it Satan, somes have called it "The Devil", somes have called it "The power elite" or certain secret societies, somes have called it "The reptilian agenda". There are many names, dear one, in which humans have created to place blame upon beings outside themselves saying that they hold more power than that which we do. Understand, dear one, that that greater consciousness that is holding manifest reality into place is in face greater than all that we see around us. And this greater consciousness hold no personal agenda for us. This greater consciousness simply upholds the laws of creation so we may exercise our individual wills. This greater consciousness upholds our world is simply allowing us the experience to create. There is no dictoral force that says humans can only create such in this worlds. It is, dear ones, the laws of man, the decisions made by man over eons of time that have shaped the experience that is occurring here and now.

Yes, dear ones, there are other non-physical beings that are shaping how you experience this moment, but this does not at all negate the power that you have as a human being incarnate within this world. For all the suffering that you experience in this world can be removed by you and will only be able to be removed when you, as a global consciousness, as a global incarnate human consciousness chooses to make these changes happen.

And so dear ones, when you often feel unempowered, you blame this feeling, you blame your own sense of lack upon something outside yourself can be called cowardly, this dear one is an ineffective way to handle your own personal struggle, to handle your own personal lessons, this, dear one, is an ineffective way to create changes within this worlds.

Part 3

We understand, dear ones, that many of you have faced challenges within this material structure, within your material lifetime. We understand that you have grown in challenging environments, but what we say, drear ones, is that you have the power to create the necessary change within yourself and to bring this change out into this world through idea, through emotional experience and through physical action. You are the creators of this worlds. How will you choose to create? And yes the challenges may be difficult. Yes it may take time within this realm to bring about this change. Yes, dear one, your life will find meaning. Your extended life, this entire lifetime that is being upheld with you, for you, for you, will find meaning through you living your life. Understand this, dear ones, you have an entire lifetime that has been given to you. You have a world of experiences in the state of continuity in which one moment unfolds into the next and it is being held by a greater consciousness. It is being created as this material dimension, as this material world.

You, dear ones, in this world, have an opportunity to create and extended version of your desires, for in the non-physical realms, that which you desire is immediately experienced before you and within you, but in this human realm, there is a greater difficulty, a greater challenge and therefore a greater beauty, a more developed gift, a more refined experience of life existing as you, as this experience. (02:25)

Part 4

Part 5

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